Sunday 31 August 2008


A day with Arty (a.k.a Helen)

My husband has bought me a new camera(a slightly used one)- a Fuji FinePix for my birthday(not until October, but allowed to have it early), but it had so many buttons I have been afraid to use it. When Arty came to School House Arts for the 'Big Bag Workshop' it was arranged that she would give the four of us a day of her time learning to use our camera's. This was my chance to get it out of the box and switch it on! I learnt about setting the camera using bracketing and white light. We then used light tents to take pics of our work. Oh Boy! Some of the pictures turned out quite well. I obviously need more practice as some were blurred. We then had a quick lesson on Photoshop, this I have not tried out on any of my photo's yet. Maybe later today (In my dreams, as we are painting the kitchen) I hope to find some 'ME' time.

Friday 29 August 2008

Day trip to Mersea

I managed to get a bit of stitching done last night on my sunset wall-hanging( photo's to be posted at a later date). I was on babysitting duties last night for my 2 grandsons. As the youngest woke up and needed lots of cuddles, I didnt get that much done -I'm not complaing!

Today I took my youngest daughter (13) to Mersea. I love the fact that Mersea has not become commercialised. We only just got on to the island before high tide covered the causeway. I spent the time collecting shells and stones, watching the birds, especially the Oyster Catchers, taking lots of photo's and chilling out. My daughter collected stones and shells but managed to get covered in mud in the process! And thats when we bumped into the treasurer of my Embroiderer's Guild!

I wont get much stitching done if any tonight, as I have to pack my bits and bobs for tomorrow. The four of us that are involvrd with School House Arts, are going to learn how to use our camera properly. We are being taught by Margarets and Debs Etsy friend.

Thursday 28 August 2008

No stitching done today. My daughter came round last night as she wanted to make a special card for her friend's 10th wedding anniversary. We had alovely time cutting, sticking and decorating.

Wednesday 27 August 2008

I also finished my third 'Red Hat' lady. I spent a day with Magaret at School House Arts learning how to make the doll, but I have made mine all 'Red Hatters'. The first two have been given away as presents (with the poem). This one will keep me company for a little while.

This is where I spent the previous weekend- Belstead on the Embroiderer's Guild summer school. I was very lucky to be on the course of my choice- Gwen Hedley. We cut and stitched paper/fabric to make an organic background. With one of these backgrounds, windows were cut so that interesting bits could be suspended,or threads could be woven. Other ideas were given to us to on how to add maps, stamps, shells etc. We were asked to take memorabilia with us, so I took items from my holiday to New Zealand. I used Model Magic to make the face, using a wooden carving I bought back from Rotorua as the mould. Rather than a message in a glass bottle, I have put a photograph of the three of us instead.
Belstead is a place that I can recommend- good food, wonderful atmosphere, helpful staff and best of all, no washing up or telephones!


I decided that I had too many bits unfinished in my 'playroom', so I felt it was time to knikle down and get something finished. This card was started last week, my oldest daughter came round as she wanted to make a special wedding card. The hold up was getting the photo's processed. We are hoping to provide a class for making cards like this at School House Arts soon.

Tuesday 26 August 2008

This is the wonderful shop I was telling you about. I couldnt get the photo to go with the blog. Must try harder next time!


I went away for the weekend to my Mother's. On Saturday, as the weather was good we went to Olney. It is famous for lace making, the annual pancake race and a battle between Roundheads and Cavaliers was fought here A good reason to go there, apart from the coffee shop is for the paper craft shop there- L.B. Crafts! Thank goodness it is nearly the end of the month! I bought some Paper Artsy rubber stamps that I hope to use to make some special cards. I have spent some of the weekend working on a wall hanging for a colleague from work. It is a sunset on the Nile. I have done lots of machine quilting and discharged and painted some areas. I am now needle weaving in the shading on the river.

Friday 22 August 2008

I couldn't hold out much longer, everyone is doing it. I hope that this will help me keep to deadlines-I've been told it helps!