Monday, 17 July 2017

It's been a bit busy here!

I hadn't realised how long it was since I last blogged, so much for attempting to do it once a month!  May started with celebrating a friends birthday and I treated her to a workshop at Birds in the Barn.  She has lost her crafting mojo, so I was hoping this would get it started.  We had a lovely day, painting, stamping and decorating a bird house using Paper Artsy stamps.
My fairy for May, was inspired by all the Bluebells, unfortunately, the hot weather made them fade a lot quicker than usual.
I was lucky enough to go on another doll workshop with Ray Slater, Jester dolls this time,( a jointed doll) one day a month starting in April, where we had to do a head.  We had to research ideas prior to the class.

Here are the two I made, one on the day and another at home, sorry I cant swivel the photo round.  I went with the top head as the one below, I was not happy with her mouth.  A lot of my friends don't like clowns/ jesters, and after doing my research I was thinking about doing a Pierrot .  Our homework was to make the body ready for the next session. 

At work, the annual school production was Oliver. I was in charge of sourcing/making props and Stage Manager. What a lot of props I had to find!  For one scene , we needed a basket of strawberries, I made about 50ish and the top junior class made one in their D.T. lesson.
A milestone was needed, this only took and evening to do, once  I had found a tombstone to
Fagin needed a grotty curtain, I started by dyeing in coffee a piece of calico and then had lots of fun, slashing, tearing and then throwing inks at it.
I also had to make another pair of curtains, a mace for Mr. Bumble and clay pipes, lucky I had hubby to help with the pipes and mace. Lots more time was spent sourcing other props needed, but all great fun, and now my name is down for next years production.
 Last weekend, there was a textile sale to raise money  for Jacob. I know his Grandmother through E.G.  as I didn't need anything I offered to help on the day in anyway that was needed.
 Such lovely goodies, I was unable to resist buying a 'few' bits ( it is for a good cause!). Over £1,000 raised.
This Saturday, it was a 4 a.m start to catch the 5.25 train to Euston.  My hubby is 70 this year, and one of his hobbies is trains.  He wanted to go on the Carlisle/ Settle line on a steam train.  

 The food was fantastic, I don't know how they manged to cook in such cramped conditions.

 It was a bit murky in the Lake District, but some stunning views and I managed to see a hare.  We had a brief wander in Carlisle to stretch our legs, grab a drink and people watch.
One very happy husband.
 We got home at 12.45 early Sunday morning. I  would recommend it to anyone who has a friend/husband who loves trains. I have suggested we now do the Orient Express next- I was told we would need to win the lottery to do that one. Lol.
Work on my jester doll has taken a bit of a back seat since the last workshop in June. Knowing how busy the final term of school gets with the play, reports, stock ordering etc., I had done a fair bit to my doll, so I am now just doing the finishing touches and I will then post photos.