Monday 31 October 2011

10 down, 2 to go!!!!

My October pages completed, so many birthday's in this month, that in the end I stopped writing them in, it would almost have been a page of cakes!!lol!
The Halloween embellishments were made with paper clay and hand painted.

 Well, this month had to have fireworks  as my theme.  2 attempts to get the background right.  I started off with Brusho, but I didn't get the depth of colour that I wanted, so back to acrylic paint, with colour sprays on top when dry.
The exploding firework shapes I cut out on my cricut, embellished with glitter glue and then sprinkled lots more glitter in various colours.
Hop along to Kates blog to see the work of others taking part in this year long challenge.
P.S   OOOOOOOPPPPPPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted this a day too early

Sunday 30 October 2011

Having fun.

I have been continuing with trying to draw items from my collection of natural items that I have been collecting.  This is  flower, Rudbeckia  I bought home from Mums garden.  Love those rich colours!
 With the conker, I had it to the right of the paper and when I moved it to take the photo, the reflections changed.
Another Rudbeckia, well all that's left of it.  All coloured with Inktense pencils.  I hen stopped drawing, because when I got my cauldron ( my witches handbag) down from the loft ready for the Halloween party I was going to on Saturday, it looked tired and in need of a face lift.
Unfortunately, I didn't do a before photo.  But here it is finished all apart from a sprinkling of ants that were added at the last moment.  I had great fun creating it from mount board, Tyvek, paints, bubble wrap, beads, pot scourer  and of course various toy bugs and creatures.  I lined the inside as well,l with wadding and felt to protect my mobile phone and camera.
As I had a 'new' handbag, I decided to go mad and decorate a pair of shoes that were about to be thrown away.  Permanent ink pen to draw the webs freehand, with a few spiders attached with a hot glue gun.

Monday 24 October 2011

And another!

Last weekend walking round the field at the bottom of the road, I decide that a there seemed to be an abundance of sloes this year, that I would go back with a bag and pick some to make sloe gin.  Too late!!!! This afternoon when I went back the farmer had beaten me to it and cut all the hedges back.  I managed to find some but not enough to make the gin.  Can't drink them-draw them instead!
I have been trying to improve my drawing skills, trying to do  something nearly everyday. 
With all the signs of Autumn, it is not hard to be stuck for items to draw. 
 Horse chestnut shells were coloured with Inktense pencils.
                                                                                                                                                                                           I liked how the Inktenese colours blended when water was applied
 so used it also for the acorn and the Spanish Oak leaf.


Finished leaf.

                                                                                                                                                                                    With the snowberries, I decided to use Graphitint for a change.  Not happy with the colouring as they do not have a yellow in the range to get the right shade of green that I needed.  I will use these pencils for drawing landscapes, as the colours will be more suited I think.  Back to using my Inktense pencils.

Thursday 20 October 2011


 I should hear  very soon where I have got to send my little quilt I have made for the ALQS6, hosted by Kate.  What a job she has trying to send everyone a quilt that they like, reckon it would be a headache, a bit like trying to write a school timetable.
My quilt was inspired by Hundertwasser ' Yellow Ships-Sea of Tunis and Taormina'  Looked at his picture and did my own version of the painting.  Hand dyed background  and foreground fabric.  Fabric paper mountain. Highlights were applied over the piece with Markal  paintstiks.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Amy Winehouse

Completed a project at last, the first one since July.  It's surprising how things on your mind stop you being creative.  I've called it 'Yesterday's news' and it is for a young  friend who is a big fan of Amy.
Machine stitched figure, applied with hand stitching to a canvas thas has an article on Amy's life.  This has been distressed with tea and ink.  Her arm has been lightly stuffed to create depth.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

4 sleeps.....

To Ally Pally.  Saturday I should be at FET, but I have to go in to work.  I could really do with being there as I am not having any creative textile ideas at the moment.

Tuesday 4 October 2011


Trying to leave comments on some blog  and it wont let me, sorry to all those taking part in Kate Cranes journal challenge that  I have not been able to leave a comment on.