Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday- Yipheeeee!!!

I am not going to be doing much stitching this weekend as I am out and about more than I am at home.
Tonight after work, I had to get Hubby's birthday presents as well as the usual stocking up of the fridge and larder. While he has been down in the shed working on our new back door, Kezzy and I have wrapped up his pressies ready for tomorrow morning.
He wont be getting much of a lie in as Kezzy and I are up early to go off to Chelmsford Young Embroiderers', they are doing silk painting with Melinda Berkovitz. Later in the evening we are off to a party for his ex- business partner, whose birthday is on the same day.
On Sunday Nickie and I have an early start to go to Cottenham for the Embroiderers' Guild AGM. Why are weekends so short?

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Miriam Weaver said...

You are right, I've always thought it should be a two day working week and a five day weekend!