Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Another piece of design work from Missenden that I didn't post on Sunday, I have done a bit more drawing on it and started to fill in the background.
My vessel waiting to be stitched together, this time the lining is Evalon. I used System 3 and golden paints to colour it.My decoration that I made last night, the photo as promised.
Today I am going to:-
Have a go at finishing my lino cut so that I can print tonight.
Go shopping for Nickie and also I need to but something for my sons birthday on Friday- what? I am not sure.
Pick up my Grandson from school, my first chance as I am normally at work.
Do some more work on a present I am making to take to my friend Bernie, who I am visiting on Tuesday in Conningsby.

I wonder how much of this list I will achieve today!

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Miriam Weaver said...

If your lists are anything like mine, do one thing add two things! My list never gets any shorter. Love the black and white work from the weekend.