Wednesday, 21 October 2009


While I was at Barleylands, getting Nickies shopping, I stopped to watch the glass blowers, their work is so amazing. This glass bowl, had thin black stripes going around it.After Barleylands I went to Basildon and found something for my sons birthday, then off to meet my Grandson, Josh, from school. He looked so grown up. They had lots of fun jumping in puddles, in fact my youngest Grandson, Zac, got so wet, that when we got home and took his boots off, there was a puddle of water from his boots on the floor.
After cooking the evening meal, I was able to print my latest block. I need to cut away a bit more of the background as it had a few high spots.

Also let my introduce you to Rustle Crow, the gift I am making for my friend up in the wilds of Lincolnshire. When I was in Craft Arena, I found a lovely Valdani thread for stitching his tail feathers that was just the right colours, a black/grey/blue mix.

A piece of my work has been featured here

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