Thursday, 22 October 2009

Rustle Crow.........

Is finished and ready to wing his way to Lincolnshire on Tuesday. I have also started making a few samples for my next vessel, will post these when I have reached a conclusion. Moved things around my play room in an attempt to make more space to work in.Due to a bad accident on the M25 today, Hubby was very late getting home from work, too late to take Kezzy to A.T.C.'s. so I had to take her. I found these wonderful leaves where I had to drop her off. Kezzy has to draw some leaves for her art homework and I am sorely tempted to get my paints out and join her. (Colours are brighter than in the photo) Nickie has sent me info on a 60's exhibition at the National portrait Gallery 'Beatles to Bowie', I wonder if I can fit in a trip to London next week?

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