Saturday, 3 October 2009

Silk painting with Y.E.

We had 16 girls turn up for the meeting this morning. Melinda Berkovitz, a member of our Guild was the tutor today. The girls started off learning how the paints reacted on wet and dry fabric, then experimented with different salts on the wet paint. By then it was time for a quick lunch. After everyone had eaten, Melinda showed the girls how to use the gutta, the girls were enjoying themselves so much, that some were still busy painting when their parents turned up to collect them.

This is some of the work produced by the girls today, didn't they do well!
When I got home, I had yet another letter from Basildon Court to inform me that my Court case against the dodgy dealer has been moved from October to December. This Court case has now been going on for nearly a year, and I still have no guarantee that I will get the money or granite back!

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What wonderful work from these budding young artists and embroiderers

Hope you find time to stitch later in the week. I'm looking forward to seeing the vessel and the Jimi Hendrix panel