Friday, 9 October 2009

Not happy!

I did my usual weekly shop at Asda tonight, and when I got back to my car, someone has taken a big chunk out of my back wing approx. 8''x 3'', and didn't leave their details. I drive a bright yellow Smart car, so its very easy to see!
I was working until quite late on my line cutting last night, and this morning, as I had a a bit of spare time before work, I thought I would do a bit of printing. Just as I was about to pour out the paint, I remembered we were having an extra staff meeting this morning. I got there just in time!
As Nickie can't make Ally Pally on Sunday, (she is going tomorrow while I am working,) I have been offered a lift with Di, one of the members of our Embroiderers' Guild. Nickie has bought my ticket for Ally Pally as my birthday present, oh soo lucky me, thank you Nickie. Two sleeps to Ally Pally

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