Monday, 19 October 2009


It was a busy night in our household. While I was at our Embroiderers' Guild A.G.M, Kezzy was getting enrolled at the A.T.C's. (Air Traing Corps) Alan said she did well and didn't fluff her words.
She was very disappointed to be sent home from her Duke of Edinburgh Award camp at the weekend because of problems with her knees on the hike. She has been told that she can have another go in April, I am taking her to the doctor on Monday to get her knees checked out as the problem keeps stopping her from doing anything too energetic.
I have not manged to get much stitching done today, finished stitching the lining at last for my rust vessel, I had found it hard deciding what stitch pattern to do. Also did a bit of colouring on one of the design sheets I did at Missenden which I forgot to photo and post yesterday.
When Nickie and I were at Missenden, we saw these great Pentel brush pens being used. Well, we had to have one, with one of these in your hands you can draw! As Nickie's personal shopper, I managed to source them at a local art shop and saved £3 per pen on the price I was given from another art dealer.
Off to Craft Arena for Nickie on Wednesday as she needs some chiffon scarves.

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