Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lino cutting

As I mentioned yesterday, I had to take Kezzy to the hospital to see the Orthodontist, impressions only today. They can not tell us yet how they are going to sort out her teeth until we have been to a different hospital and had some medical photographs taken. That will be in half term, we then go back in November when we will get her plan.
I have nearly finished beading the second side to match this one for my third vessel, I am enjoying playing with different colours. I have never been very successful with lino cutting before, and I have ever only used the red plastic handled one with inter-changeable blades. So, when I enrolled on the on line course I decide to treat myself to a better set, especially when I saw this bloggers set. Though I am still learning how to control the blade, they are lovely to work with, sooo much better than my original tool. Tonight I printed with my 9 block sample, first on paper to see if it worked, then

on to calico. This sample was printed with a screen printing ink.

This sample was printed with Setacolor fabric paint, a much better print.
I have now started to work on exercise 2, positive and negative areas.


Miriam Weaver said...

I love the colour of this vessel. Your lino prints are wonderful, looking forward to seeing more of them! I'm only at the red handle stage I'm afraid, maybe one day I'll have a wooden handle set too!

Linda said...

Hi Sharne,
A friend sent me a link to your blog (I'm the owner of the wooden handled lino tools you featured) - part of the pleasure of the carving opening the box!

I love what you've done with the sample squares, some of those curves are very Klimt-like. I've not blogged much recently but am about to start stitching some pieces using the background blocks I made on the course, must post them when they're done.