Monday, 26 October 2009

A bit of a playtime

As I mentioned in my post last night, I had to make my monogram for my lino printing course, so a sketchbook page of doodles using my new brush pen.

It wasn't until I started to carve, that I realised that I need to work on a slightly larger scale until I buy a very fine gouger. The samples below were printed on paper, the first two stamps I used a product I had bought years ago from Dick Blick and compared to lino, is easy to carve, UNTIL, I tried the Speedy Stamp, look at the 3rd image, so much better than the previous two. I shall buy some more of this for when I want to do some intricate work. A good lesson learnt!

Samples below printed on unbleached muslin with Prussian Blue acrylic paint (looks more like black here though). Still working to get the paint the right consistancy. I had promised myself I would try and paint one of the leaves I collected last week.
I used my H2o's, I need to get a set with reds in for my next attempt at leaf painting.

Today we have been to the doctors and hospital to try and sort out Kezzy's knee and teeth. Also started making another sample for my fourth vessel.
Tomorrow, it will be an early start as we are going to Conningsby, a good three hour drive from here. I'm meeting up with a friend and Alan and Kezzy are going to the Battle of Britain Flight Museum. After, we are the going to have a fish and chip meal at Skegness, it doesn't look that far from the museum on the map, and I have never been to Skeggy.

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Jackie said...

I thought Skegness was a lot further from Essex than 3 hours. Have fun.
I am intrigued by the stamps..did you carve away the background to get the stamp area?A lot of work.
Thanks for your comment on my HT. I am glad to have made a few converts.