Sunday, 11 October 2009


I have had a great day at Ally Pally, I have done so much walking, I reckon I must have burnt off all the calories I ate last night when my daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons came round for a meal for an early birthday celebration. Hubby and daughter both gave me some birthday money so I could but what I wanted at the show, so will now have to wait until Tuesday before I can look at them again.

Di did the driving up to Ally Pally, picking up a colleague from work and Miriam on the way. Miriam made us all laugh trying to get into Di's Landrover, even when Di lowered the suspension!

I really enjoyed the exhibition by EAST, Janette and Di manning the cash desk when I arrived, so a bit of a natter and then on to look at their work. I have got permission to post photos on my blog, but I am only posting a few. This cushion is Carol Dixon's work (I had a chair like this when I was very young!)

Then Carol turned up wearing clothes that co-ordinated with her cushion. More chatting, then back to looking at their work. Their stand was very busy, and they were very generous in letting people look through their sketch books.

This image is Janette Bright's work, inside, it carries a message about the slave trade.

OOHHHHH!!!! these books by Libby Smith are to die for!

Tom Londberg's work was little pieces of work very densely hand stitched, I would have loved to have bought 'Orion Diving'. A lovely man to talk too as well, his website for looking at his work

Cindy Hickok has a great sense of humour, and her work made me chuckle especially her parodies on well known pieces of art.

I was able to get a better look at Helen Goddens quilt that won a prize at the NEC, as it was hung very high at Birmingham also another chance to admire Laura Kemshalls 'Pearls' quilt. When I got back from the NEC in August, I read a lot of blogs and saw lots of work that I had somehow missed, so today I made sure that I saw every exhibition stand, a good way of saving money too!

On the way home lots of chatting about what we saw and what we bought.

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Miriam Weaver said...

It was a really good day, glad I gave everyone a laugh with the Range Rover/short leg problem. I'm thinking of including it in my stand up routine! Funny how I didn't have a problem on the way back, my legs must have grown during the day!