Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to.........

For anyone who has a hubby or partner with an interest in planes, this is the place to go. Lots of jets taking off and landing, lots of noise the smell of jet fuel in the air. There were lots of men with huge cameras taking photos of all the action.
A quick cup of coffee at my friend Bernie's house, before she whisked us off to give us a guided tour of the area and a brief history lesson too. One of the places we stopped was at the Dam Busters memorial, just up the road from her village. Her hubby will be conducting a special service there on the 11th November (Bernie used to work in my school until her hubby trained to become a Minister and they moved to Coningsby with his job) Kezzy got permission from her ATC company to wear her uniform today. Onto Woodhall-Spa, where there is a really old fashioned cinema.

Then onto Petwood House, as it was known in WWII, but it is now a hotel. This was the HQ for the Dam Busters Squadron, we were able to look around the downstairs and go into the bar where the Officers met for drinks. Lots of memorabilia all around the walls. Alan couldn't believe his luck!This window says 'patchwork' to me.
This used to be the swimming pool, but is now a very large fish pond.

Lots of lovely fungi to take photo's of, it had me crawling on my hands and knees trying to get a good shot.

The colours on this tree were glorious. (I wont bore you with all my other photo's.)

Alan and Kezzy spent a couple of hours at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Museum while Bernie and I went for lunch and a good natter.
Then of to Skeggy for fish and chips, we could hear but couldn't see the sea,as it was too dark. Nothing like a bit of sea air!

Going back to Coningsby next summer and staying for a few days so we see the sights properly.

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Wow, wonderful photos. I especially love the fungi photo, that's rather special!

Yes please Sharne, I would love the silk painting instructions. My email is charleyarry23@aol.com

Thanks ever so!