Thursday, 14 October 2010

Samples almost finished.

The excess fabric has been cut away and additional flowers stitched on top.  Tomorrow I shall embellish my samples.  If Pauline gives the go ahead on Saturday, for this piece of work, there will be twelve panels and the length of each panel will be 68'' long. (the flowers have not photographed in their true colour in the artificial light)
Jimi Two is nearly finished, I have got my two sewing machines set up so that I can jump from one project to the next without having to change, needles, thread, bobbins and tension.


Jensters said...

Wow Sharne thats gonna be one hell of a long piece....those flowers are so pretty and lovely the colour even if it quite the same because of the light.

JP said...

wow what a lot of work - it looks like it is going to be gorgeous

Regina said...

It's looking AWESOME!!!