Saturday, 16 October 2010


 A busy day at Cottenham, catching up with everyone's news, painting fabrics to make a pad folio and discussing our next project and exhibition.
Here is the pad folio under construction.
I have got the go ahead to make my 12 panels, so on the way home, I did a rather large detour to go to the Cheap Shop at Tiptree to see what sheers they had in stock.  I got there at 5.15 to find they shut half an hour early on a Saturday:0(  I will try and get there on my next free Saturday, not sure when that is at the moment.
There was a beautiful sunset for my drive, so decided to head to the local reservoir to take a photo of it there.  The sun had set by the time I got there, but loved the colours of the foliage on the trees.
I have spent the evening sorting out and de-cluttering my kitchen cupboards ready for when my new cooker comes.  As it will be larger than the one I have got now, Hubby has been playing kitchen fitter today. 
More sorting to do tomorrow:0(
Kezzy has had a good day at the stables, her riding instuctor thinks she is a natural at jumping.  'Thank you' that lady for giving Kezzy's self esteem a much needed boost.


Wendy Coyne said...

There is a little fabric shop at the town centre end of Moulsham Streeet opposite Robinsons (sells curtain material) and they have a huge number of sheers at around £2 a metre.
I remember the cheap shop well, I do miss the shopping oportunities.

JP said...

hope you enjoy using it - new things are always tricky!

Julie said...

The cheap shop in Tiptree? That sounds interesting! Wonder if I can persuade my DH to detour on our next visit? lol