Monday, 18 October 2010

Inspired by Lynda Monk.

Tonight at our Embroiderers' Guild meeting, we had our AGM.  Once all the necessary business was over, one of our members gave a brief talk on her work.  She showed us the most beautiful cobweb felt scarves she had made and I think, no, I know, we will be asking her to do a workshop for us.  It was then 'show 'n' tell'.  We had a member, on her visit back to her home country of Denmark, find some vintage dance costume and  Nickie was  willing to  model the socks!
I won this glass cup for a piece of work inspired by a workshop.
 I expect you can guess that it was the workshop that I did with Lynda Monk.  While surfing the net I came across the artist Benita Murray.  She makes sculptures in different metals.  On finding a piece of her work that looked like a metal collage, I knew just what I wanted to try and make for my entry.
 Still working on my 60's theme as you can see by the Quant flowers.
I used two types of xpandaprint to create the different textures in my piece.  I enjoyed experimenting to create this piece.


Diane Kelsey said...

A fantastic piece of work, it certainly got my vote!

Lottie said...

My goodness - fabulous - I have so many questions - but guess I ought to research them myself on the internet - this is awesome