Sunday, 17 October 2010

Not even 1 stitch!

Admiring again my Mail Art  this morning, on turning it over, I took more notice of the stamps.  The clock one would look lovely in a mixed media collage I think
My Grandsons came round to celebrate my birthday today.  What with  my altered working hours and their early bedtimes we could not get together on the actual day.   So just like the Queen I celebrated twice.
Alan and I have worked all day and into the evening and now my kitchen has been restored to order.  The cooker is going to be ordered tomorrow.
It is our AGM tomorrow at EG, and several weeks ago a kind lady donated some books and equipment for our YE group.  I sorted through them and selected suitable books to keep for the YE library.  The remaining books are going to be sold at tomorrows meeting to raise funds for our YE, so, tonight I have been on Amazon, checking book prices.  All the books are now priced and packed, just hope I can fit everything in my car.
Managed to get a few of the tender plants in the greenhouse but alas, nothing creative today!


Diane Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday!

Jensters said...

Hey Sharne wishing you a belated birthday....what cute the stamps too.

Gina said...

Belated happy birthday! What gorgeous gransons you have. Congratulations on your embroiderer's guild award too!