Monday, 11 October 2010

Light bulb moment????????Not sure

We have our EG Branch AGM next Monday, so I have been trying to get all the paperwork sorted  early, just in case I have overlooked something.
Jimi is on the back burner temporarily as I have our FET meeting on Saturday.
We have been asked by Pauline to go with our sketchbooks with ideas for our next project ready for our next exhibition at AVG.  I would like my next piece to relate to my previous work of either the black and white vessel or my flower panel and I couldn't decide how I was going to do this. I have had several trains of thought, but nothing that felt right.  This evening I had an idea, so I have been busy drawing up  pattern ready to stitch tomorrow evening. At least I might now have a sample to show in Saturday.  I will show photo's as soon as I have completed my sample.
Rhodri, my son has just been in to my playroom to see me.  He wants ME to make him a piece of textile art!!!!  I cant believe it!!

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Julie said...

That's it! You've arrived! A son's approval is a sure mark of success :)) Good luck with your new project.