Friday, 8 October 2010

:0) It's Friday!!!!!!!!

Jimi seems to have survived the wash, I now need to attack him with my iron, but not tonight.  Denise asked what I though he might be doing if he was still alive.  He would be drawing a pension for one thing, as he would now be 68!
Tonight, Hubby has given me my birthday present early so I can spend it at Ally Pally on Sunday:0)  He is after Brownie points as he bought me 'boys toys'  last Christmas! He bought me Mazda mud flaps,a Mazda car Aeriel, Mazda baseball hat and key ring and a sat nav (we already had one)  It was nearly a divorce I can tell you.  I did threaten to buy him nice threads and beads for  this Christmas. LOL
My shopping list for Sunday is getting longer by the day!


JP said...



Have a wonderful weekend dear Sharne. I realised later that I never answered your question in our emails. The yellow fabrics I sent you were dyed with crocosmia which is also known as montbretia. It spreads like wildfire down here in Cornwall. I have a lot of it in my garden. I will show some on my blog some time over the weekend :o)


We lost a good legend. Your Jimi is awesome, what a lot of stitching! I did one one time and it took me 8 hours. I was also switching threads, but this is awesome detail!

Yeah buy that man thread! He deserves it for mud flaps! lol


OOPs, I hit the send button too early! I meant to wish you a wonderful birthday!!!

I am not sure what Ally Pally is, but I assume it is a stamping and art convention in the UK. I hear several mentioning it.