Saturday, 9 October 2010

Jimi Two

Not a very productive day!
First of all I had to go into school, as it was Open Day.  Then when that was finished, off to Basildon to look at cookers!  I have been saving for a new cooker for some time now, but have put off getting it as I can't face the upheaval, that getting a new one involves.  With time running out,(we want to get it before VAT goes up) today was the day. I need a range for cooking family meals, it has to be gas, not dual fuel, I don't need 8 burners, I don't want the grill in the big oven and last of all it has to be in my budget range- not a lot to ask for.  Can I find the right cooker? We have done Comet and Curry's  and we have been searching the Internet.  Found the right one, but I think there is a mistake in the info as I have never heard of a fan assisted gas oven. wouldn't it blow the flame out?  We will be ringing the company tomorrow to clarify this. 
So eventually I got to go to my playroom and having attacked Jimi with the iron, he is in need of a touch of botox.  So I am trying again, I hope this one is wrinkle free!
Ally Pally tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!


Miriam Weaver said...

I had a Stove gas fan oven. I would have had another one but I was told that you could only get integrated ones and at the time I needed a free standing one for my new kitchen. My Stove was brilliant baked lovely cakes.
Have a good time at Alley Palley.

imac said...

Beautiful work, many thanks for your visit and kind comments, hoping you wont be kept waiting too long,lol.

Anonymous said...

I had a fan assisted gas oven once. Don't be alarmed, they work well! I know it seems odd having air blowing around with a gas flame there, but they obviously do something...can't remember what though, sorry. It might have been as simple as putting the flame behind a protective plate. Cooked like a dream.