Saturday, 16 October 2010

Just a quickie

Only embellished this sample as it is the one I prefer of the two I made.  My bags are packed ready for an early start tomorrow.  Nickie can't make the FET meeting as she has family commitments.  It is going to be a very quiet journey to Cottenham!
Rhodri has come home tonight on crutches.  He played football last night and had an accident, not that he told me.  He went to work this morning but was sent home.  After being sent to the hospital by our doctor, spending several hours in the A&E and threats of an op', it has was decided he has only torn his quad and not ruptured it. :0)


Anonymous said...

They look fabulous Sharne! Oh, and I'm glad the knee isn't ruptured....hope it recovers quickly.

Mermaid's Purse said...

The samples are beautiful ......... it's going to be gorgeous piece of work!

Julie said...

The flowers are lovely, I do like the way you make these. I hope Rhodri makes a speedy recovery.

Linda said...

I love these flowers Sharne, so pretty. Can't wait to see them on the finished piece.

Hope the patient is feeling much better.