Saturday, 2 October 2010

In the post today.

Diane and I ran Y.E. today and  we had a lovely time. I was talking  to Libby before she went away, and at that time, only 6 girls had re- joined.  When the doors opened we had 14 girls, keen and eager to start creating (2 more couldn't make today because of school commitments).
A quick dash home, unpack the car and pick Nickie up to go to Maldon to help take down the exhibition.  In fact when we got there, most of the work had been done.  Just a matter of packing the last few items and ferrying everything to the cars.
Back home, I found the postman had been, and I had some post and not bills!

I had a wonderful surprise from Carolyn, who sent me a yellow package, containing some very beautiful hand dyed fabrics, threads and lace  AND a gorgeous heart.

 Plus a lovely card by Hannah Cole, which has pride of place in my lounge. 

 is on holiday in St.Ives and she sent me a postcard, ( also in my lounge next to Carolyn's card).  It is an oil painting of St. Ives by Bob Vigg.  It has such vibrant colours and textures in the painting.  Thank you both sooooo much!!!


Diane Kelsey said...

How lucky are you!


I forgot to say "were your ears burning?". We were talking about you and your beautiful work Sharne. I was jealous that Julie got to see your exhibition and we were both saying what a lovely lady you are. Hope your weekend is going lovely :o)

artymess said...

what is YE I am intrigued .....having post is the best isn't it ?.....x