Monday, 15 August 2011


A wonderful time at the FOQ, saw some very lovely quilts.  Here are just a few pictures for those of you who couldn't get there.  1 day is not long enough!
Hot Africa
by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga

by Pia Welsch.
 Pia was very happy to talk  to Nickie and I about her work.
A fleeting visit to the 'Virtual Studio', here Claire Benn was writing freehand on some fabric she was creating, didn't get a chance to go back and see how it developed unfortunately. , Nickie and I don't know why this doll didn't get a prize.

Cirque Poupee'
by Marie Roper.
My Way
bySolvi L Krokeide.

 And of course quilts from my blogging friends ;- the one below is the much talked about one by Annabel Rainbow.
Life ( Measure of Time)
Julie has got inspiration for her quilt from Cornwall.
Turning, Disappearing.
 Margaret Ramsey's door.
Tunisian Door.
 Carolyn who is lucky enough to live in St. Ives has used that as her inspiration.
Seaside Cottages, St. Ives.
 Sandra Wyman

Digging for Bait.
Having spent so much time looking at the quilts, meant not that much time for shopping. I think this must be the first time I have been to the NEC and come home with money in my purse! LOL


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing these Sharne, especially all your blogging chums as some of them are their mine too, and I didn't get to see them. Great stuff ladies!

Diane Kelsey said...

I still have money in my purse too! Only one book, no fabric or beads, only items on my small list were purchased. How controlled was I?

Jensters said...

Arh thanks for showing some of the quilts Sharne...i was fed up that i couldnt go this nice to see them through your lense x

Julie said...

Thanks for including my quilt Sharne and for a look at other blogger friends. I brought money home too but that's probably because I flexed the plastic. Naughty!

annakatarzyna said...

Fantastic works!