Saturday, 12 September 2009

Not a very good start to my weekend.

I normally go to Asda straight after work on a Friday, and when I get home and everything is put away, that is when I start my weekend. But yesterday, I had meetings all afternoon and didn't finish work until 6.30. So it was a fish and chips from the chippy and I then sorted out all my baseline assessments.
I couldn't do my food shopping last night as I had to get some cheap plastic toy boxes for my class from Poundstretcher, so it was an early start and off to Basildon. First stop- Hobbycraft where I found two bargains the Medieval book was only 95 pence and the batik book was reduced from £20 to £2.69. I then popped into a charity shop where I found the Celtic design source book for £1.25, by then I was feeling my usual happy self.
At the Works, I managed to get my calender for next year. I have had these Images of Africa calenders for the last 4 or 5 years, as I love the work by the artist Tilly Willis. I have used one of her paintings as a design source when I was doing my C&G and I keep promising myself I will re-visit her work and do something else with one of her images.

I bought this lovely chrysanthemum to put on my sons headstone as well. I wish I had got some for the garden, it is so pretty.

The church has lovely views over Essex, being situated on the top of a hill, and so peaceful.

I pottered in my garden dead heading and weeding the bottom garden, tomorrow I need to continue working on the borders near the house. Alan has started to paint one of our decks and will carry on with this and hopefully do the other one before he goes back to work on Monday for a rest.
Just one side of my vessel to stitch before I start to bead the top edge and post photos.

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Great bargains Sharne, that will keep you even busier

Thanks for your comments on CSMMTA today ... I am very excited about spice dyeing. I just haven't got to it yet! Will let you know how I get on!

Enjoy your Sunday. Hope you find some SHARNE time :o)