Sunday, 6 September 2009

Not achieving very much

You would not believe how hard it has been to find a replacement wooden back door for our kitchen, it desperately needs replacing before winter sets in. We have been looking for some time, B & Q, Focus, Homebase. So today we went to Wicks, where Alan was sure we would find what we wanted. No such luck!. On our way home we stopped at a local garden centre and they had a unit selling doors. Guess what, they had hardwood doors and we had a choice of two. So our new stable door should be here in about ten days time.
Job number 1- My Grandson starts school next week, I cant believe how quickly he has grown up. Sam, my oldest daughter, hates sewing and asked me to put his name on his PE bag so it would be easy for him to find. Job number 2- I have also made a card for my Great Aunty Doris who is going to be 102 on Tuesday. As I am back at work, I am going to Norwich to visit her, tomorrow . As she is unable to see, I have tried to put lots of touchy feely bits on the card. This will be the first birthday she has had without her sister, it will be very hard for her. I am taking up a cake, for her to share with her carers.
I also made prawn pooris for our evening meal- a family favourite.

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Your card for your Aunty is beautiful and very thoughtful. How nice! I hope she can FEEL how beautiful it is!

Happy Sunday :o)

Carolyn ♥