Friday, 18 September 2009

My weekend has now started :0)

It is now 10.40 as I sit here typing my blog, and it has been a very long day in a very long week. Into school very early each day and home, very late each night. (and I am NOT doing ANY school work this weekend!) Tonight, after eventually leaving work I went to do my weekly shop, but ended up going to two supermarkets, as I couldn't get everything I needed in the first. We have got Alan's family coming for the day on Sunday, and tomorrow I shall be out babysitting for one of my parents who are going to a wedding in Watford. So I shall be up early to start the food preparations for Sunday before getting to their house at lunchtime.
Anyway, inspection is over, we now have to wait for the rest of the school to have their inspection, to get the report. This means I can now get back to my sewing- YIPHEEEEE!!!!!!
On Monday it is Embroiderers' Guild and we have got Delia Pusey coming to our Guild with her collection of bags.

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