Sunday, 6 September 2009

An early celebration.

There was a lot of slow traffic on the roads to Norwich today, tractors, caravans etc., but never mind,I had a lovely day with my Aunt. All though she is saving her cards and pressies until Tuesday, (her Birthday) we had the cake today. I only put on two candles on her cake, as I said to her, if I put the other 100, the chocolate would melt. LOL. I managed the journey home in two hours, much better!
Alan took Kezzy to Duxford to the 'Flying Legends' Airshow. They had a good time and saw lots of WW2 planes so they were very :).
Since I got home, I have frozen another 2lbs of home grown runner beans and made some playdough for work tomorrow. Now I need to go and get something sorted out, so that I can do some hand stitching on for my tea breaks

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