Sunday, 13 September 2009


I was in the garden this morning with my secateurs, as I decided to trim some of the shrubs that are taking over one of the borders. Accident number 1 occurred, when I tried to squash the trimmings into the dustbin and lost my balance, and ended up, flat on my back. My wrist was tender at the time but it is OK now thank goodness, for an awful moment I thought I wouldn't be stitching for a few days. My back is a little tender but not enough to slow me down.
Accident number 2- I then had to drive my daughter to her friends house,and as I went to give my hubby a kiss goodbye he dropped the secateurs he was using on my foot- ouchhh!!!!! some blood but nothing to worry about. When I got back from dropping daughter off, I offered to help him paint the deck. For some reason he banned me from the garden. So got on with some housework and schoolwork.
I have just finished watching Tweed on BBC 4,(8pm) what lovely fabrics and scenery. I hope that the weavers continue to be able to produce their wonderful fabrics, I shall have to wait until next week to find out.

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You are in the wars. Hope there isn't a number 3!