Sunday, 28 February 2010


I was NOT going out, BUT, yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from a friend telling me about a sale of paper crafts items. As I was busy playing, I didn't go. The thing is I love a bargain, so this morning I hot footed it through the floods to the shop. Well worth the drive, some items were really silly prices, I just couldn't say no!Shortly after getting in my daughter and SIL with the boys came round for lunch, even though it was half term last week, we didn't get a chance to see each other, so lots of news to catch up on!

Though I was itching to do something with my rust 'fabric', I spent a couple of hours playing with paper, paints and inks. A young person I know has just been accepted into St Martins Art College, to start in September.
She is a very modern young lady so decided that the conventional congratulations card was not right for her. I was inspired by an article in Craftstamper, I hope that she likes it.
Nickie was clearing out her car this afternoon in preparation for her brand new car tomorrow, and she found my John Lewis vouchers (a Christmas present from my school children) that I had lost. They must have dropped out of my bag on the journey home from Cottenham, I thought they were gone, never to be found, so very chuffed ;0) Thank you Nickie!


Regina said...

Love love love the card!!! SO happy ya went and found some great buys. That's the one thing about living in such a small town (I think we are a town)we don't have any craft stores...whaaaaaa!! LOL



Yes, the card is wonderful and congrats on all those super bargains