Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I couldn't beleive it!

Doing after schools club tonight, one minute it was sunny and the next there was a snow storm. The result of which was that in less than ten minutes, it had actually settled and made driving home hazardous. I passed two cars that had skidded into ditches and hubby said that when he got home a local road had had to be closed due to another car accident. Roll on Spring!!

I have had an evening off from making paint samples. Instead I have been sewing my knitted waistcoat together, as I finished the final front today in my lunch half hour. I have enjoyed knitting it and when I go shopping on Saturday with my Mother I might get some more wool. At Christmas I was given some John Lewis voucher's and as we are going to High Wycombe it will be a chance to use them.

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A beautiful photo Sharne. Our weather is so crazy isn't it. We haven't had any snow in the far west but it's gone very cold again!

Thanks so much for entering the giveaway. It's been a wonderful trip down memory lane to hear about all the books. It must be lovely for you to work children at such a beautiful age, full of excitement and wonder and being able to enjoy those books all over again!

Hope you buy something nice with your vouchers!

Carolyn x