Tuesday, 2 February 2010


When I got to work today, I found this bag of goodies sitting on my desk There was:-
paint, sheers, cellophane ribbon, cotton fabric, card and some fancy plastic sheets. One of my colleagues was having a clear out and thought of me-lucky me!

This is one of the fabrics- I don't know what I shall do with it yet.
In my tea breaks I have been beading my fabric cuff and tonight I have done some more to my Textile Totem- I hope to have something to post very soon.

I had to take Kezzy to the hospital for the next step towards having her teeth sorted out. She is now on the waiting list to have 3 teeth out before they can start on the braces.


Miriam Weaver said...

Ooh! Poor Kezzy, sounds painful but it will be worth it in the end. I had a brace when I was about 17, better to have one when your younger, both my children had them when they were about her age.

JP said...

what a nice thing to find on getting to work