Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I have been in and out of my house today like a fiddlers elbow. An early start at the hospital for me, then giving Kezzy the hurry up, to get her to her physio appointment on time, then had to deliver something to Nickie, all in the pouring rain! I hope the weather improves by the weekend as Kezzy is camping with the Air Cadets.
I have not managed to get any stitching done as I have started making up the kits for my workshop at Textiles in Focus on Sunday. All the components are nearly ready for packing which I hope to achieve tomorrow.
As it is school holidays, it means I have time to experiment in the kitchen. As it is Shrove Tuesday, I decided to have ago at making American pancakes for a change- brings back memories of when I first moved to Essex from Hertfordshire.
Hubby left a few for Rhodri!I found these necklaces in Primark yesterday reduced to £1, just had to buy them for the beads.This is how many beads came off just one of them.

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dianehobbit said...

I always visit the jewelery section myself, and have found a few bargins too.