Tuesday, 16 February 2010


At our meeting last month it was members night, and they were given the challenge to make a mini sock monkey. I managed to get a photo of some of the sock monkey's but some had already escaped once they heard I was coming with my camera. Some of these sock monkeys have been donated by the maker for our Regional Day tombola in July next year.

Lynda Monk aka Purplemissus came to show us her wonderful work. Ever since I found her blog, I have been watching her experiments with great interest, as I happen to like 3d, vessels and texture- Lynda's trademark.
She was sooo very generous with her knowledge, and many of us were writing down 'recipes' to try at a later date. AND we were ALLOWED to handle her samples and work. Son-in-law got roped into do the IT bit, very sleek presentation.
As you can see when Lynda had finished her talk she was rushed off her feet by our members wanting to look closely at her work and ask numerous questions.
Below are photo's of the work, which Lynda said I could post on my blog

Look at the wonderful texture that has been created here.

I loved this vessel, the colours and textures-oooohhhh!!!!!

Don't these just look like old floor tiles?

It was Lynda's first talk that she has ever given and she did a great job, in fact she is now coming back to do a workshop for us:0) date TBA.

AND then she gave us all a textile postcard + 2 of her work. Thank you Lynda- a great night.

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Regina said...

OMGOSH...love the sock monkeys! I'm wanting to make one...they bring back such memories!!

WOW...looks like ya'll had a great time and I love those tiles. Thank you for sharing with us.