Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Textile Totem 3

I have tried various places to try and get a picture of this Totem now that it is completely finished, but even though I got home while it was light, it was not good enough to take a photo in. Indoor light has not provided a good enough light either.

I have spent the evening painting bits of Vilene to make paint samples for my 'recipe' book and TRYING to print off some information for my workshop I am doing at Textiles in Focus. The problem is that the lap top doesn't speak the same lingo as the house computer which is linked to the printer. Need to talk to Rhodri but not sure when I will be able to see him as he is at a wedding today/tonight.


Denise said...

That looks REALLY good! :)


Hi Sharne, I've just added myself to your beautiful giveaway. I love those elephant canvasses with the beautiful text ... very apt about books and reading!

Have a good day