Sunday, 21 February 2010

Textiles in Focus.

It was silly hats on for Textiles in Focus. I hadn't had time to make another hat so made do with last years one!
When Nickie and I started our journey this morning, I wasn't even sure that we were going to get there. The back roads were so icy, and we saw remnants of several accidents but Nickie got us there in one piece. I had a lovely classroom to hold my workshop in. A bookcase to display my work, plenty of space and light. The ladies were very enthusiastic and were a very creative bunch as you can see by the work below when we got together at the end of the class for a 'show 'n' tell'

I was asked today by one of the ladies on my workshop to teach at her textile group - Impetus, later in the year:-) One of my 'students' is doing C&G felt making and cut up her totem to put in her sketchbook.
I think they all did very well.

MESCH had an exhibition at Art Van Go last November and I couldn't get there so it was lovely having the chance to view it today.
This toucan was made by Margaret for her hubby, it actually sings Happy Birthday. Also met Mavis at last, have been reading her blog for some time now.

I loved the way MESCH displayed their birds-very innovative!

It wasn't until we started packing up our stand that we realised that we hadn't taken a picture of it, so only a few pieces left on the table.
I just had to buy a few 'necessaries' to round the day off!
Our journey home was good, the snow had melted. I have been to tired to do anything at all creative- all that talking!
Kezzy got home at 5.00pm and was in bed not very long after. She slept under canvas in the snow last night, but was nice and warm thanks to the new sleeping bag. I hope to find out about her weekend tomorrow when I get home from work. Alan and Kezzy have got the day off!

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dianehobbit said...

Sounds like after your journey, you had a really lovely day. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new items! Glad Kezzy wasn't cold, I expect she will sleep quite alot of today too. What an experience for her.