Monday, 31 August 2009

My Banks Hols.

When on the M25 driving to my mothers on Friday afternoon, we saw these two cars which made us all smile.
Saturday we went to Olney, and we went the scenic route, through this village where instead of pavements they have a stream with watercress growing in it. A cup of coffee and a browse in LB Crafts, where I managed to find some paper casting moulds for 99pence in their sale. Then it was on to Milton Keynes, and Hobbycraft where I got some paint stamps for my children at school 2 for 49 pence-bargain! Another cup of coffee in Borders, and a lovely browse amongst all those books and magazines- what a great Saturday.
Because the weather was grey and chilly in Buckingham, I managed to do a fair bit of hand stitching, and all being well, I should start constructing my vessel tomorrow night.
I can't believe how hot it was when we got back to Essex!

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Oh Sharne, the natural dyeing experiments with Turmeric are wonderful! I will have to give this a go, the colours would be perfect for pumpkin projects

Hope things are going well at school and you are settling back