Thursday, 20 August 2009


I had nearly six hours at home ALONE!!!!!! Unheard of, though we all get on and do our own thing, there is nothing like having the house to myself. Wasted nearly an hour on the phone to the bank, but never mind. I picked our first crop of runner beans, nearly two and a half pounds. My favourite vegetable. Our runners are growing in a different part of the garden this year as where I have had them before there was a lot of shade. The move has paid off. All sliced and in the freezer now. I also finished my bag as well.
I am running a workshop at Schoolhouse Arts in February, making a vessel. I want to base the vessel on a piece of Carn pottery from Cornwall, I love it, I keep promising to but myself a piece. Anyway, I needed to see if the china will translate first into paper and then into craft vilene. The paper mock up seems to work, though the masking tape is low tack and keeps falling apart so I am now stitching vilene together. Fingers crossed it works out. Kezzy is going on a residential drama course tomorrow, so maybe I can carry on playing when I get home from dropping her off-M11 permitting.
Then Saturday, an early start as Nickie and I are going to FOQ- sooooo excited as we didn't go last year as we were at Belstead on the Embroiderers' Guild Summer School.


Mavis said...

How nice of you to visit my blog! I am a very new blogger, only just finding my way around it - I need the 12 year old grandson here to put me right! The exhibition at Art van Go starts 18th Oct and runs to 22nd Nov. It is work by MESCH, a new group - Marian Murphy, Liz Evans, Margaret Starr, Vanda Campbell and me - Mavis Howard. We have also been invited to exhibit at Textiles in Focus at Cottenham in February 2010. So there IS life after Small CHAT !!!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Enjoy the show.Wear comfy shoes.

Miriam Weaver said...

Have a lovely time at the fOQ, I've never managed to get there, maybe next year!


Hi Sharne, I adore your bag. It's truly gorgeous! I love your idea about using a pottery design in a vessel. It's something I thought about doing, but another one of those things that I just haven't got round to yet! Will be excited to see what you come up with, especially as it's a Cornish design!

Have a lovely weekend/Sunday


ps. did you get down the bag of onions for pickling?

Did you have a go at any dyeing yet? I will be posting more some time soon