Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Up and down the M11.

Another early start, then a morning spent in school. I then went to Craft Arena to change my Hemingworth thread and got two more as I had finished my loyalty card, the latest issue of CPS and some Lutrador.
It was the time to go to Cambridge to pick up Kezzy. My oldest daughter Sam, came with me, in fact she drove as we couldn't all fit in my Smart car! Kezzy has been on a drama and art course near Duxford. We watched their drama production (something one of the girls had written) then a cup of tea and wonderful homemade cake before driving back to Essex. Kezzy has had a great time, made lots of friends and didn't stop talking about it all the way down the M11!
I am going to spend this evening making stencils for my vessel. I need to get it ready for stitching by Friday as we are going to visit my Mother for the Bank Holiday weekend.

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You are always so busy Sharne, just don't know how you fit everything in!