Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Thank goodness.

I have at last got all my school records updated- I have sat at it all day because I needed to get that job out the way and not keep putting it off. I did my work in the garden sitting in the shade so it wasn't such a chore and I managed to get a bit of the boiled lobster look even though I was sitting in the shade.
Tonight I have stitched the button on my bag and the trimming around the edge, just need to hand stitch it down now.
I have just spoken to my brother to wish him a happy birthday and he got his card, sent snail mail on time. He was very pleased with it. He is filming the English cricket tour so he wont be on the tiles tonight as he has to be at the Oval early tomorrow.

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Now you can enjoy your stitching all the more, knowing the work is done! Enjoy the rest of the summer Sharne before you have to go back, it will come round all too soon!

Love, Carolyn x