Sunday, 9 August 2009

This and that.

I spent Friday shopping and cooking as we were having 4 of Alan's relatives coming for the day on Saturday. I always like to try different recipes and I shall be doing this one again. I found the recipe last weekend at my Mother's, it is called apple sablee. I had a job to get the orange blossom water to go in the cream but found it in the end at Waitrose.
Today, Alan and Kezzy went to Duxford to see the Spitfire's flying, so I decided to go to the boot fair at Barleyland's. Sam wanted an Action Man for Josh but couldn't find any in the shops-success I found a couple so he will be a happy little boy. I also bought some lovely books for school and........

this baby doll.
Over the summer holidays, I promised myself I would make time to practice my drawing. I have been working in charcoal and chalk.I need a lot more practice.

This afternoon I finished stitching my fairy shoes, tonight I will work out how I am going to present them I hope.

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