Saturday, 15 August 2009

The photo of the completed birthday card as promised in my last post. The scrapbook page that I did on Thursday for Kezzy's fourteenth birthday. She knew she was getting a rabbit on the Monday (birthday) morning but had to wait (something she finds very hard) for me to get home from work on the Tuesday night before she could go and choose her rabbit.Last night, I had another go at trying to draw, they say you have to keep practicing

Today, after spending time working in the garden, I made a birthday card for my brother. I did Kokopelli, to remind him of his holiday to Mexico last year.

And as I had some background fabric left over, I made an A.T.C. as well.

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chillsider said...

I have been given a kokopelli as a book mark, but didn't know his name. Cards are excellnt, I love his crouch and your get up and go. I have been hesitating and procrastinating over doing anything for days now, tho I have the ideas, "JDI"