Thursday, 8 April 2010


My Internet was playing up yesterday so I was unable to post the two experiments I did yesterday. For FET, I have to make a wall hanging at least 60cms long, no burning or melting
;0 (. I want to make my panel in sheers and as I am doing the 60's/70's it has to be flower power. Not only was the Internet playing up, so was the tension on my machine. I think Nickie jinxed it, as I had told her my machine did not need servicing it was running well. Famous last words! The above sample is on a sheer background, the sample below is on net. I prefer this as it does not mute the colours when viewed from the back. My idea is that the flowers will change colour as it progresses up the hanging and incorporate some words as well. My next sample will be a word with flowers to see how big to do the words so as not to overpower the hanging.
I drew my flowers onto Romeo but then had to go to Craft Arena to get more. Denise was teaching two young ladies how to use the swing machine. I got talking to them, asking about their textile experiences. One young girl replied that she hadn't done any sewing and the only sewing that she had seen done, was on Coronation Street!
My Grandson, Josh, is off to the hospital today to see what the problem is regarding his eyes. I have now got to take Kezzy to Basildon to get her some new shoes and then she will meet up with her friend while I do the weekly food shop-deep joy!!

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dianehobbit said...

No burning or melting? Are you cutting out your flowers with scissors?