Saturday, 10 April 2010

Regional Day

Nickie picked me up bright and early for her talk at Marks Tey. Nickie set up her lap top and projector while I got on with the job of hanging some of the work on quilt frames.

Setting up went smoothly and we had a chance to have a quick chat to some of the many friends we have made since we started our journey into textiles.
Nickie's talk went well and some of my work was included as well. You can see the quilt I made to celebrate Ashleigh's life in the photo above. Lunch was provided for us, and for dessert, these delicious cakes!! As the weather was so good we were able to eat 'al fresco.'

Just had to get this picture of Nickie.
After lunch, Lynne Edwards gave a very entertaining talk on her collection of textile art that she has collected over the years- lots of lovely work to drool over.

Then guess what? Yet more cake, before we made our way home. We had such a lovely day.

I have managed to finish machine stitching flower sample number 3 and washed out the Romeo. When it is dry, I will start cutting it out, in the meantime, its back to the KISS challenge.


Anonymous said...

Mouthwatering cakes, and a great day by the sounds of it!

Kayla coo said...

Cakes,embroidery and sunshine a perfect day!!
I was at our guild get together today too.x

Amelia said...

gosh, looks like a fab, fun day and loads of cake to boot! and you got some nice weather!!!!!


dianehobbit said...

Wow what a wonderful day!

JP said...

glad you had a good day - are you back to school on Monday - good luck