Wednesday, 14 April 2010

And yet another one.

I just couldn't stop myself. My first whole day at home this holiday,(well apart from visiting my elderly neighbour for coffee this afternoon) was too good a chance to miss, and I have been in my playroom nearly all day;0) . I wanted to make a bigger sample, so that I could do the complimentary stitching all over- I needed to see if it looked very 60's or a mess. I have been surprised at how long this piece has taken to do, as it's not that big(12"x16 approx."). I am now waiting for it to dry before attacking with my scissors. I have also been thinking about the RRC. I have to quilt Deb's piece which is based on Africa. I have done a bit of surfing and now need to put pen to paper.

Off to do some hand stitching on my KISS piece now.


dianehobbit said...

I have also been trying to decide on how to quilt Nickies fabric. I have two main ideas, planning on paper first might help me to make a final decision.

Anonymous said...

Spending time in your playroom is obviously extremely good for you! - this looks terrific.