Sunday, 11 April 2010

A sunny Sunday means.....

I forgot to post this picture of the book I got yesterday at The Regional days sales table. I love handmade books and have made a few over the last couple of years, but I want to make more, so hopefully I shall be able to with the help of this book. I have been promising myself a day in the garden all week, but before going out, I cut out my 'Flower Power' sample. I decided to machine stitch the word- a big mistake. Its a good job its only a sample! I shall start sample number 4 later on.

I have been very busy in the garden, cleaning the greenhouse and getting some seeds going. I love perennials so I have sown two types of Delphiniums, Canterbury Bells and Hollyhocks. I have also sown some Sunflowers for the birds to feed on in the Autumn and Morning Glory, their flowers are such a wonderful shade of blue! Mum bought me some white Lily bulbs, (my most favourite flower) the other week, so I have also planted them, this one is called Eyeliner as it has a black line around the edge of the petals.

Kezzy has been out with the ATC's today, flying. We are waiting for the phone call to pick her up and our evening meal is going to be rather overcooked if she is much longer!!

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Nickie said...

Like the flowers, they are working really well. Like the way you have embroidered the 'L', adds texture and more interest - good idea x