Saturday, 17 April 2010

Catching the rays.

As the weather has been so good we had lunch in the garden sitting by the pond, I just love the sound of the water trickling down the waterfall, it's so relaxing. It also meant that I didn't do any stitching as I was clearing flower beds instead, never mind, that sun felt great.
Tonight, Hubby took me out to dinner to my favourite Indian restaurant- feeling very full.
Tomorrow Nickie and I are up to London to the V & A museum to see the quilts.;0)


chrissythreads said...

Hi Sharne,
The acrylic rods can be obtained from They aren't in the catalouge but they can supply on request. They come in a long length thats really easy to cut to length with a hacksaw and then the ends can be sanded.
have a great time at the Quilts exhibitiion - its very good.

linda stokes said...

Lucky you - sounds like a fabulous exhibition.
Thanks for your comment on my soy wax experiments - I bought my wax more than a year ago & have just got around to trying it and only because I have to teach it soon!

Anonymous said...

Have a great day at the V&A!