Friday, 16 April 2010

Slow progress

I am making progress with cutting out the voids, depending on the weather tomorrow, if it's good I'll be messing about in the garden, if not I shall continue to work on this. It's been a busy day, opticians, the bank, visiting an old friend and then this afternoon my daughter and two GS's came round as well as Diane, who very kindly gave me a set of Travel stamps she had duplicated and .........
Martin Woods- with a sewing machine, all at the same time. I'm a typical Libran. I weigh up the pro's and con's. I have talked for several years about buying a smaller Bernina for taking to classes, but didn't, I nearly bought it again at Christmas as it is a job to fit my Bernina in my car, but didn't I looked at them again the other week at the NEC, but didn't. On Wednesday I took the bull by the horns and phoned Martin. Having dithered so much it has gone up in price due to the Euro and VAT going back up-serves me right!!

I wont be using it tonight as I am spending the evening with Hubby in the lounge (a rare occurrence) but I thought I ought to as I was out last night (without him) on our anniversary.


Nickie said...

What a fab day you had and your work is looking good, looking forward to tomorrow - off the do some house work :-(


Oooh congrats on doing it! Hope it brings you hours of pleasure

Hope you are ok. I am still taking your rusted tyvek out of the wallet and admiring it from time to time :o)

I haven't forgotten about returning the compliment but having a difficult time at the moment

I was so pleased to hear from you today Sharne. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy chilling out with hubby


dianehobbit said...

There wil be no stopping you now, with two machines.