Sunday, 31 January 2010

Up with the sparrows.

Today we all had to be up early as Kezzy's Air Cadets group were bag packing in Sainsbury's at Bentwood to raise money for Haiti. This is also the last free Sunday until after Textiles in Focus. I had a few bits and pieces I needed from Homebase and Hobbycraft so once we had dropped Kezzy off we went to Romford. It is years since I have been here. We found the Range and Hobbycraft on this very futuristic shopping centre, built on the site of Romford Brewery. Lollypop trees and alien insects????

Anyway, we spent far longer shopping than we intended, I manged to get the canvas's I needed from the Range amongst other bits and pieces on my list, I shall be shopping here again!

As we were leaving the village this morning, I saw these icicles, again. I had wanted to take a picture of the other day when I first saw them, but as I had to get to work on time, didn't stop.
The icicles are formed by cars driving through a very large puddle, and the splashes have made this wonderful creation.
The icicles were still there after our day out, so Alan parked up so I could capture their beauty- just shows how cold it has been today.

Aren't they stunning?

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chillsider said...

They are stunning. We once saw a bush like that beside the road on a drive to Norfolk. Stupidly I declined the offer to stop and take a picture,which I hav always regretted, so I am grateful to have yours.