Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow dyeing results.

I bought my tray of snow dyeing into the kitchen at 10.00am to help the thawing process.At 12.30 it still had lots of snow covering my fabric.
This was how it looked at 6.00

And the results . . . . . . . . . . well, you can see from the picture below, some were quite delicate in colour but the blue/ purples were stronger. Denise from Craft Arena is going to have a go at snow dyeing using the instructions from QA, issue 41, page 62. I have got the article out to read in bed tonight. Depending on how her colours take, I might try this method on Sunday, as yet MORE snow is forecast.

I have also been decorating my sketchbook cover as it was looking a bit shabby.

I now need to finish painting in the flowers.

This is one panel of the the vessel painted and ready for embellishment.

When I did my sampling I liked the tied button centres best. I was going to Craft Arena today to talk to Denise about doing some workshops there. As it was so icy I had to cancel, it also meant that I couldn't get some Evalon. I have ordered some and I will pick it up tomorrow hopefully. In the meantime, I needed to get on with my vessel. Another rummage in my fabric chest and I found a piece of silk- just long enough. So I am now going to start joining all the pieces together.

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JP said...

interesting results - exactly what did you do? - keep warm as it looks like even more snow heading your way!